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Providing "Home" Care for a Weekend Turns into a Lasting Memory

I had a surprise earlier this week.

Sent to me in a text were photos and a loving note from a previous client's family member. This client, that I spent one weekend with over 2 years ago, sadly passed away last week. I was taken aback that during this time of grief a family member would send me these joyful memories.

The message had some brief life updates and, in part, read:

"Attending her granddaughter's wedding 2 yrs ago was her last big event, and she worked very hard to be able to walk down the aisle as a proud Grandma. We can't but help remembering your EXCELLENT, LOVING care of [client] over that weekend and are forever grateful for your service. We will never forget it, and now with her gone, this all takes on special meaning for our family.... Thank you so much from deep within my heart, for being so good to my mom!"

I sat with that information and re-read it a few times, a bit overwhelmed. I realized that I was again re-affirmed of why I continue to do (and love) what I do. The connections that are made, the ways that I can help, the memories that can be created for others, and the importance of that time together that I can give are what matter in life, especially after those things can't be physically done anymore.

That note (among others we've received) have prompted me to write my own message. Sharing memories with an important family member during a special event is, in a sense, priceless. The fun moments, excitement, and photos can live on forever, but figuring out the logistics of having said VIP at the event can be a challenge. Questions arise, such as: 'Who will be responsible for making sure medications are taken?', 'Who will head back to help with the bed routine?', 'Who will stay alert for the night since this is a new place to sleep to make sure there isn't a fall or confusion?', 'Who will be on 'bathroom duty' to ensure there isn't an accident?', 'How can we ask another family member to take this on?', 'Is there anyone out there we can trust to do all of this?'

It can be done. There are people who can help. There are people who love to allow everyone to celebrate, worry-free. There are people who make it their mission to make each day the best it can be for their clients (and family members).

We've found (and are) some of those people and have created a wonderful home health care team. If you are looking for amazing care to help during a one time event, a week long vacation, or around the clock services (24/7 home care) to ensure that your loved one gets to continue to live their life, please reach out to us via our contact us page, phone (763) 568-0652, or email at to see if we can make a positive lasting impression for you.

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