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clients have said..

I couldn’t recommend Beyond Expectations more highly. They provide great care for all involved. They are professionals who also bring their heart to their work. Not only did they provide my Dad great care who was the reason they were there, but they also found ways to make my Mom’s life easier too. If we are in need of their type of services again, they will be our only call.

Doug B.

Daughter - Minneapolis, MN - April 2021

Beyond Expectations did a wonderful job helping us care for our mom while she was in hospice care in our home. They were professional, responsive, and caring and it allowed us to focus on her while they helped with her care. Sonja, Lesa [and] Izzy were angels who came to help us and we will always be grateful.

Dave M.

Son - Edina, MN - October 2020

I cannot say enough good things about this company or Sonja. They swooped in to care for our beloved family member when we were sent home with hospice and really had no direction. We had several days and nights before they arrived with chaos and no sleep. They not only cared for our loved one but they also cared for us as well. They looked for housework that needed to be done, organizing that needed to be done and were very encouraging and reassuring that we should to sleep and rest as they were there to take care of everything that was needed So we could regroup and be rested for next day. They always went above and beyond and tried to help in whatever way to make our loved one feel cared for and special. We couldn’t have done it without them and are forever in debt to them. 💜

Mitch H.

Family member - Minneapolis, MN - August 2020

I've used Beyond Expectations to prepare for a planned surgery. They were very helpful in getting ready, running errands, light housekeeping, preparing food if needed and also appointments, and bringing home from hospital and getting safely situated. They have been very good in working with my schedule and whatever is needed. Shelly and Sonja have been great and glad to have them help me when needed. Thanks again.

Liz M.

Client - Minneapolis, MN - January 2020

We have been using Beyond Expectations Home Health Care for about 3+ years and I can not say how happy I am with their service and staff! Both my parents love all the help that comes out and cares for them and they work very hard- while still being very friendly. As a company, they are always flexible and will communicate with what is going on. My mom has Parkinson's and they are very knowledgeable about all sorts of exercises to help with therapy.

Mark P.

Son - Edina, MN - January 2020

It is coming up on a year now since [client] passed and I feel I can finally face this review. What can I say? [client] loved you. You were such a bright spot in his days. You made him feel important and cared for. You made him feel safe. I know at first he was a little unhappy at having to have a PCA. I felt horrible not being able to be that person for him but working full time made that impossible. We were so incredibly blessed to have found you. You are an amazing person, so open and caring and knowledgeable and trustworthy. Having you there with [client] also lessened my fears. Thank you for being such a huge part of [client]'s life. Thank you for making him feel he could count on you for anything. He considered you a friend. He considered you family. So did I. You and the team you lead are remarkable. I wish you all beautiful things.

Mary H.

Friend - Edina, MN - July 2019

Beyond Expectations Home Health Care has been taking care of my mom for a year and a half. They are the main reason that my mom can stay in the home she loves. Sonja and her crew take care of bathing, light laundry and cooking, and some of her trips to doctor appointments. As the only one of her kids living in MN - they are a life-saver for me too. I strongly recommend BEHHC !!!!

Damon K.

Son - Minneapolis, MN - April 2019

​There are no words but thank you from mom and all of us kids. You were AMAZING! We can not tell you how much it meant to have mom so well taken care of. It took away so much worry and concern and let us all have a fun weekend. We were thrilled that mom could be a part of this event, on her own terms, with all her needs met. 

Everybody who met you (and from what I've heard - many people met you!) thought you were great and enjoyed talking with you! You definitely made a huge, favorable impression. Of course, our offer still stands to adopt you in to our family! Mom loved you, as did all of us. I hope some day our paths will cross again. You have a great business going, with outstanding service and I wish you much success!

Julie S.

Daughter - Minneapolis, MN - September 2018

Your service is wonderful! I would recommend Beyond Expectations Home Health Care for someone looking care and would use the services again!! Thanks so much, I appreciate your service and enjoy all of you!!

S. G.

Client - Edina, MN - September 2018

I first met Sonja when she and my daughter attended college together at UWEC. She is one of the most genuine caring individuals that I know. When she and her husband Brett decided to start their homecare business, I confidently referred her to a friend of mine, who was looking for in home care for her father who was suffering at the time from Lewy Body Dementia, and Parkinson’s. My friend and her family members felt at ease with Sonja and were appreciative and impressed by the level of care and compassion that she and her team delivered to their dad/husband.

​Earlier this year, my own father was terminally ill with cancer. We had him at in home hospice, and between my mom, myself and my two brothers we were caring for him and keeping him comfortable. When we realized that the overnight care was more than we could manage, I contacted Sonja. She was quick to arrange for overnight care, and within hours we had a schedule/plan in place. The following night, Lesa arrived at 8:00 pm, she immediately put my mom and I at ease. She took an assessment of my dad, got his bedding “just so”, asked my mom and I all the necessary questions to acquaint herself. She contacted the hospice nurse to further familiarize herself with my dad’s prognosis. I was able to go home and get some sleep, my mom was able to retreat to her bedroom to get some much needed rest. When my mom got up in the morning, Lesa had written detailed notes for my mom and the hospice nurse, laundry was folded, and my dad was resting comfortably. Later that day my dad passed away, peacefully surrounded by our family. We all felt that my dad was cared for on that last night by an angel, her name was Lesa.

​For the past six months, Sonja and her staff have provided part time in home care for my mother and father in law. It was difficult convincing them to accept outside help. They are kind of old school, and like to do things for themselves, not to mention trusting a stranger to come into their home. They started out by having Sonja come for a half day once per week and are now up to two times per week. They are seeing the benefits of having some assistance with baths, medication management, doctor appointments, light housekeeping, a hot meal, and the occasional home baked pie or cake. When we stop over to visit with them on the weekends, they have nothing but compliments and fun tidbits of information to share with us about Sonja and her staff.

​I had no idea when Sonja and Brett set out on this business venture that I would personally have reason to require their services. As I mentioned above, I trust them whole heartedly and appreciate them every day.

Mary G.

Daughter - Bloomington, MN - December 2016

When our mother suffered a fall on her 90th birthday, it became apparent that she would no longer be able to live alone.  Some relatives pointed us in the direction of Beyond Expectations.  We met with the principals and formulated a plan to have constant care for our mother.  

​The care provided by Beyond Expectations has indeed been the best that we could hope for.  The team consists of talented and caring individuals.  It has been about a year since we began service.  They have coordinated doctor visits, transportation providers, physical and occupational therapists, etc.  They procure and provide excellent nutritious meals.  They make sure that all medications are administered in the right dosages at the right time.

Over the past year, they have become good friends who we can count on and are pleasant to be around.  To be able to trust that your loved ones are being taken care of so competently gives us a sense of freedom that is beyond compare.

Charlie J.

Son - Edina, MN - April 2016

Simply put, the team at Beyond Expectations Home Health Care offers the best care you could ever hope for and beyond! My husband suffered a massive stroke, came home after six months in rehab, but in need of 24 hour care—and I work full time.  Beyond Expectations HHC worked with us to set a schedule of care when I am not at home, and take care not only of my husband, but our whole family (including our dog) by taking care of all the necessities so we can focus on our family.  Laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping, medication management, transportation, and errands are just a few of the things they do. 

Most importantly, their positive, caring approach has helped Mike tremendously in making gains every day.  They not only attend his outside therapy sessions, but they participate, ask questions and practice all the therapy at home with him.  Mike’s occupational therapist raved about Sonja and said she could easily be a therapist!  Mike looks forward to their companionship every day. 

The ability to go to work and leave Mike in such exceptional care is beyond what we could have hoped for and we thank God for the peace of mind they have gifted to us. Thank you!! 

Caron P.

Spouse - Eden Prarie, MN - April 2016

For a free assessment from a Beyond Expectations Home Health Care qualified team member, please give us a call.

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