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Our community during COVID-19

This COVID-19 pandemic has put stresses on a lot of different people in so many various ways. We worry about our clients, staff, family members, friends, front line heroes, people we don't know and will never know, and the future. We also see so many amazing things are happening in terms of community, which makes everything seem manageable and is quite inspiring.

We, as individuals and as a business, are trying to follow all the guidelines: staying home, staying 6 ft away from others when we need to venture out, staying home when ill, etc; all to protect anyone who could be physically impacted by this virus. To further keep those at risk safe, we needed face masks while we are in close contact with clients. We also wanted to offer our clients face masks to help them feel protected. The opportunity for small businesses to obtain those items has been very limited with those on the front line requiring the most protection. Luckily, we are surrounded by some amazing people that offer their assistance in times of struggle.

With the help of a couple of our employees and friends that took the time to make face masks (just a couple shown below) and donate gloves, we were able to ensure that each of our clients that we are currently seeing have a mask and hand sanitizer, and our team members have the same, along with some gloves.

4 colorful home made face masks

We are so appreciative for the people we are surrounded by, the help we have received, and the community support we have seen. Thank you for your help and doing your part. It seems to ring true that every single person can make a difference. We hope we are making our positive difference as well.

We want to know, how we can help you in this time of need?

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