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Companionship and Care

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Reading. Popcorn and a movie. Fall colors. Cribbage. Laughing. Favorite restaurant. A stroll through the park. Going through old photo albums. Shopping. Sporting event. Visit with friends. Reminiscing of a loved one.

What do all of the above have in common? For us, they are just a few activities that we have helped give someone the ability to do again. They are all considered forms of "companionship."

Companionship is a feeling of closeness or friendship. The term can vary between different people but can be an important part of truly living and has many physical and emotional benefits. Benefits can include an increased sense of purpose, engaging in memory activities, stimulating positive thoughts, and may promote healthy mental and physical health. Companionship is something that can be lacking for elderly individuals.

As people age, they or their close friends may no longer be able to get out and participate in activities that allowed them the continued closeness with one another. Children who love their parents dearly can become consumed with their own children and no longer find the time to be with their parents as frequently. Loved ones and friends may pass away. The ability to drive, see, or hear may make outings difficult. All of these varying events can play a part in a someone feeling isolated or lonely.

One of the best parts of having one-on-one care is the companionship that comes with it. The care team at Beyond Expectations Home Health Care is able to add value and fun into a person's life in whatever time frame is appropriate for your situation. Whether it be in 4 hours a day or 24/7 care, we can help. With one caregiver tending to you or your loved one's needs, we can hone in on what brings joy and work to make it happen! Building a relationship together takes time, but we love the time spent that adds a spark to both our lives and our clients.

Clients have been very happy with the services of Beyond Expectations Home Health Care. Check out some of our testimonials.

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